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My Shrek Critique

Shrek Critique Essay                                                                        Alex Bechard  04-10-14


“Its a big bright world full of happiness all around” and it sure is in the theatre while watching Shrek the Musical that was directed by Jim. Shrek the Musical was performed on April 10, 2014. It was performed by students from Grade 9 – 13.  and one grade 2. Shrek the Musical was a great performance because the well made costumes,the colourful lighting,  the decorative props, the amazing actors and just the overall performance.


The costumes were spectacular. They were created by Mrs. K. The only downfall to the costumes is that most of the costumes looked like they were from “Alice in Wonderland.” The costume that I thought was the costume that was the best designed and the most realistic was the Shrek costume. It looked exactly like shrek from the movie. Another good costume was Prince Farquaad’s costume. For the costumes being made by high schoolers, they did a good job. When the spotlights were pointed on Shrek , the costume stood out and made a really cool effect.


Speaking of spotlights, the lighting was fantastic. The lighting was always spot on which made the performance even better. The lights had really cool effects like when it would become night time, the lights would dim. When it was the ending song and everyone was upbeat and happy, the lights would be colourful and flashing everywhere. Without the lighting you wouldn’t have been able to see any of the actors or any of the props.


The props blew my mind away. The dragon was amazing. It was big, noticeable and a really cool prop, unfortunately through the performance the dragon’s arm fell off but the cast picked that arm up and just kept on going. Shrek’s house was a really cool prop because of the design and movement. All of the props could be moved on to the stage and off with no problem. A really cool effect/prop was the stage how it could move. For example In the scene when Fiona tells Donkey about how she is cursed and how at night she turns into an ogre, Her house moves onto the stage and then off the stage.  With the stage moving not only the props could move but the actors could move too.


The actors were out of this world! A really good feature about the actors is that they all knew their lines. Every actor knew their lines so the play ran smoothly and exactly how it should be. Chris and Anna played Shrek and Donkey. Hands down they were the best two actors in the whole production. They both knew their lines, and their singing was amazing. Their voices sounded like the real donkey and Shrek.

The whole crowd enjoyed it and loved it. From the actors to the props and the lighting, the whole performance was just unbelievable. The production had some funny jokes in it as well; the adults laughed at the adult jokes and the students laughed at the jokes that they understood. It was family rated and it was a great production.

With the lighting, the props, the acting and just the overall production it was one of the best plays I have seen. Jim did a great job with this production and along with the Cast and Crew. If you don’t mind spending a couple bucks on something I suggest you spend that money on some tickets to “Shrek The Musical,” because it is by far an excellent play that is worth going to see.


Review of 2013

I feel that the most important thing that happened in 2013 was probably the Pope resigning. I say this because well, one thing is that is something worldwide. Also this was the only Pope that ever resigned. That is a huge thing because usually what’s supposed to happen is that when you are the Pope you stay as the Pope until you die but Pope Benedict resigned before he died which means that he almost like quit his job. That is why I think that this is the most important thing in 2013.


Merry Christmas!!!!

Just wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!









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Christmas Time!

OH my gosh! I love Christmas, its one of the best times of the year! CANT WAIT

I love Christmas because I get to spend time with my family or as I like to call it my “FamJam”  and I also get to give and receive. It’s the best feeling when you get to give something because it makes you feel like you did something world changing. Its just so kind. Christmas time is like a time of giving. Its a time when you get to just think about others and not yourself.

My Question to all of my visitors is what does Christmas mean to you?

Comment your answers to me!!!


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Nomination 9B

I am going to be nominating Susan`s Blog.


I am nominating Susan because of these reasons.

  1. I feel that Susan`s blog is very neat, organized and very well done
  2. Susan`s Posts are very detailed, they have pictures and images describing what she is talking about and she does a great job and she has a couple posts in the magazine which is very cool.
  3. Susan doesn’t just put the posts she needs to put on her blog she also adds things onto her blog like games, videos, other posts and cool widgets

I feel that Susan has a great blog and those are the reasons that I am nominating her for this years student Blog Award.

VOTE FOR SUSAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Bitstrips And Then it Happened

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Challenge 9A And Then It Happened!

One fine Wednesday afternoon on the summer break, Lauren, Carter and I were at my house. We were thinking on what we were going to do today. We were thinking and thinking and doing a lot of thinking. Who would have thought that it took so much thinking to come up with something to do . I sure didn`t.

Then I had came up with a great idea! My idea was to go camping! We all loved that idea! So we went and found our parents and asked them. They loved that idea. They said we would need to go get packing so we could go. So we went and started packing.

I packed my flash light,pyjamas, clothes, tooth brush and toothpaste, my binoculars and my pillow and blanket. I was all ready to go. We grabbed the tent and we set off to our camping trip.

When we got there we went a little farther in the forest and we found this nice and open piece of land to put our tent on. My Mom said that she would pick us up tomorrow. She left and we got setting up the tent. The tent came with instructions thanks goodness because all of us had o cue on how to set up a tent.

later we had collected sticks and wood to make the fire with. We thought that we would go look through the forest for any animals to take pictures of. So we grabbed dour cameras and we brought our flash lights too and we headed into the forest. We saw things like deer, bunny rabbits, birds and more! It was really cool. Then we heard something it was coming form up ahead. We stopped it was getting louder and louder and louder.

AND THEN IT HAPPENED it was so close that it popped out of the bush and it was not just a little animal it was a BROWN BEAR!!!!!!!! We freaked out. We mad e a run for it. It started to come for us. We all thought we were going to die. It chased us and chased us! We ran so long that it felt like an hour to us. Then we finally hid from the bear and it
could not find us so we ran to the tent and tried to sleep.

It finally was time to get picked up and we were glad. My mom arrived and she said `how was it`and I just said I AM NEVER CAMPING IN A FOREST ON MY OWN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

From that day on we never went camping again.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Challenge 8

Activity 1.

What makes a great post?
When you are out visiting blogs, what makes you stop and read a post?
How do you find great posts on a blog?

Well, I for surely do know what makes a good post indeed. I feel that what you need to make a great post is these three things right here:

  1. Writing
  2. Pictures/videos
  3. Clean/organized and well presented

I feel what stops and makes ME read a post is something colourful or something pleasing to the eye. I feel that it is almost like a magnet it attracts you and it makes you read it because it is so eye catching.

I think that the number one thing that makes me find great posts is the magazine that Mrs. W does. Its so helpful. She puts in the best blog posts and I go and look at them and I find some really cool blog posts.

Activity 3.

  • What is a great post you have written?
  • What made it stand out from the other posts?
  • On your blog, are you able to write posts about own interests?
  • Do you think this would make your blog more interesting? Why?

I feel that the greatest post that I have written so far would probably be my Challenge 7 post. I feel it made it stand out form the others because I feel that I used my own opinion, I added a couple pictures and it had the greatest writing piece. Yes I am able to write posts about my own interests. I think that it would make my blog more interesting because it would have different things from other peoples blogs. I do already add posts on that stuff so I believe that I do have a really good blog.

Activity 4.

Write a post mentioning three great blogs you have visited. Do not include any from your school; at least one must be from another country. In the post mention why you consider it a great blog. Explain in detail.

Here are the three blogs that I chose

Jessie`s Blog- from Canada

Ivan`s Blog- from Australia

Anthony`s Blog- from USA

I chose these three blogs because I felt as if they had really cool backgrounds. As well I feel that these blogs had great posts and they were colourful, eye catching, and they including photos and other things in their posts. I have to say though all of the blogs that I checked out they all were amazing but in the end I had to choose these three blogs.










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Challenge 7

Activity 2. Create a mindmap showing how you connect as a student. Include the tools you use to connect as well as who you connect to. Think carefully about all the ways you connect to different members of your family.


Activity 3. Here is an example of a connected teacher. Do you think this is similar for a connected student? Explain the differences and similarities. Click on the image to get a larger version.

I feel that it is similar to a connected student because most kids for example blog. They also have colleagues and some of them live in their family’s  community. In a way they are different because they teachers and students are not the same. Teachers are older which means that they have more responsibility and more privileges so if you were to have a teacher mind map and a student mind map, a teacher’s mind map would have more things that do with adults than children.

Activity 4. Watch the two videos below then leave a comment on this post about something that you found very interesting in one of the videos. Write a post explaining the differences between the videos. Which did you prefer and why?

Well, I feel that I liked the first video because it showed how your digital foot print works and how it is so viral and everyone can almost see everything you do. I made a connection to my school board because if a teacher sends an email to another person not only does the other person see it the company that they are using for texting sees the message and the school board sees the message so instead of only you and the person seeing it many people are seeing it. I think that is some what cool and some what scary as heck that people can track your everyday move.

Activity 5. After watching the two videos, write a post about your digital footprint. Is it positive or negative? Would you be proud to have your grandparents or your future grandchildren look at everything you have included in your digital footprint? Why or why not? Maybe Google your name to see what is on-line about you, that you might not have put there.

I feel that my digital foot print is positive. I admit I do have Facebook and twitter but I usually am only those kinds of things to talk to my friends and not anything bad. I feel that to have a negative digital foot print you have to be dong stuff bad on the internet like cyber bullying but I would never do that. Sometimes people text e and they say rude things and stuff but I never let those things hurt me. I always just move on . I feel that I am very nice on my electronics and I make sure that I never hurt someone’s feelings. So in the end I feel that I have a positive digital foot print.

Activity 8. Mainly middle and high school students – There are 9 elements to being a good digital citizen. Read this post then write your own post about what you consider are the most important parts of the nine elements. Are there certain areas you need to improve on? Why?

I feel that the most important parts of the nine elements is this one element: 6.   Digital Law:   electronic responsibility for actions and deeds. I Feel that this element is the most important because if you don’t follow the laws on electronics bad things could happen. Its just like in the real world if you break a law things could happen. If you are cyber bullying you could get charged, arrested or even thrown in jail. You never know. If we did not have digital laws we would be in a totally place right now. If we did not have laws or internet safety a lot of people’s feelings would be hurt and maybe even suicide could occur. You never know.


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Halloween Costumes!

Hey everyone!!

Just wanted to see what everyone is being for Halloween this year!

I’m being a nerd!!!!

Comment on what you are being this year for Halloween.

happy halloween

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