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Toronto Maple Leafs!!!

on October 3, 2013

Lets go Toronto lets go WOOT WOOT!!!! Toronto has been doing great!! Last night they played Philadelphia and won 3 to 1! Tomorrow night they play Ottawa! Lets go Toronto. Favourite player for me is Phil Kessel! He also got the first goal last night on his birthday! Happy Belated Birthday Phil Kessel! Good luck to Toronto tomorrow night!

Phil Kessel

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6 Responses to “Toronto Maple Leafs!!!”

  1. 2018cms says:

    Hi Alex! My name is Cameron. I see that you like hockey. I am so happy that hockey season is finally back! I like the Washington Capitals I can’t believe that Alex Ovechkin already has 3 goals in 2 games. I hope you come and visit my blog and leave a comment

  2. Jess says:

    Hi Alex! This is Jess from A Bookworm’s Blog. You made me a comment.
    I’m guessing you’re from Toronto, Canada? Just a guess 🙂
    Is this ice hockey? In Australia (I’m an Aussie), our main sports are cricket and footie, but because we aren’t exactly the coldest country around, we don’t do as many winter sports although there are a few skiing resorts in the southern parts.

  3. kyran4gpv says:

    holey you have a lot of visitors

  4. issac says:

    Hi Alex it’s Issac you commented on my blog i have no idear what ice hokey is but i do know what hokey is any way

  5. jonahh2013 says:

    Hi Alex it’s Jonah from Lugarno public school. In Australia we do not play much ice hockey but it looks like lot’s of fun.
    Is it your favourite sport?

    please answer at

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