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Challenge 9A And Then It Happened!

on November 14, 2013

One fine Wednesday afternoon on the summer break, Lauren, Carter and I were at my house. We were thinking on what we were going to do today. We were thinking and thinking and doing a lot of thinking. Who would have thought that it took so much thinking to come up with something to do . I sure didn`t.

Then I had came up with a great idea! My idea was to go camping! We all loved that idea! So we went and found our parents and asked them. They loved that idea. They said we would need to go get packing so we could go. So we went and started packing.

I packed my flash light,pyjamas, clothes, tooth brush and toothpaste, my binoculars and my pillow and blanket. I was all ready to go. We grabbed the tent and we set off to our camping trip.

When we got there we went a little farther in the forest and we found this nice and open piece of land to put our tent on. My Mom said that she would pick us up tomorrow. She left and we got setting up the tent. The tent came with instructions thanks goodness because all of us had o cue on how to set up a tent.

later we had collected sticks and wood to make the fire with. We thought that we would go look through the forest for any animals to take pictures of. So we grabbed dour cameras and we brought our flash lights too and we headed into the forest. We saw things like deer, bunny rabbits, birds and more! It was really cool. Then we heard something it was coming form up ahead. We stopped it was getting louder and louder and louder.

AND THEN IT HAPPENED it was so close that it popped out of the bush and it was not just a little animal it was a BROWN BEAR!!!!!!!! We freaked out. We mad e a run for it. It started to come for us. We all thought we were going to die. It chased us and chased us! We ran so long that it felt like an hour to us. Then we finally hid from the bear and it
could not find us so we ran to the tent and tried to sleep.

It finally was time to get picked up and we were glad. My mom arrived and she said `how was it`and I just said I AM NEVER CAMPING IN A FOREST ON MY OWN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

From that day on we never went camping again.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2 Responses to “Challenge 9A And Then It Happened!”

  1. Miss W. says:

    G’day Alex,
    A well written story and I think I would also have reacted the same way if I met a brown bear at night. Luckily we don’t have dangerous animals coming out at night in Tasmania.

  2. 110gs says:

    Make sure you include your Bitstrip as part of this post!

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